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Welcome to the City of Seven Hills web site. We hope your visit gives you a snapshot of our beautiful community. The residents of Seven Hills love living here - literally. On average, our people have chosen to live in the city longer than any other regional community. Once you come to Seven Hills, you are home. Please use our web site to find the answers to many of your questions and if you need anything else, please call City Hall at 216-524-4421.

There will be a Parking Ban in effect beginning Saturday, February 28th at 12 Noon, ending Monday, March 2nd at 12 Noon.




February 14, 2015 - When the city first learned that Longbow Research would be leaving Seven Hills, there was no opportunity to attempt to negotiate to retain one of the City’s largest employers. The firm is relocating to Independence, where it is moving into a building that recently underwent a $3 million upgrade, and where Longbow will receive a large cash incentive from the City of Independence.

Longbow was paying substantial income taxes to the city, even though it had received a 50% tax abatement in the first five years of its ten year lease, and a 25% abatement in the final five years of its lease. Upon learning that Longbow was leaving, Mayor Dell’Aquila and the then serving Council President, Mike Barth, also began a series of discussions with the landlord, regarding potential replacements for this important tenant.

Mayor Dell’Aquila had said that quiet discussions were underway with potential new tenants and asked for patience to allow the process to proceed. Today, the Mayor announced that four new leases, totaling over 23,000 square feet, have been signed with new businesses which will be locating to Seven Hills. These include the following:

Anthem (15,824 sq ft, Commencing June 1, 2015). This Fortune 500 Company will have an annual payroll in Seven Hills around $5 million. The firm has already made internal announcements about the move, and its staff members are excited about locating to Seven Hills. Mayor Dell’Aquila has already spoken with one of their representatives about touring their new facility and also the city’s Recreation Center. Other ideas are being considered to help integrate this new business neighbor with their new home.

Benefits Co. (2316 sq ft, Commencing April 1, 2015)

Ennis Roberts (3049 sq ft, Commencing March 1, 2015)

REIT Management (3049 sq ft, Commencing April 1, 2015)

In addition, a new lease has been signed with York Risk for 2484 sq ft. York was, until recently, a subtenant of Longbow and now will have its own space, effective March 1, 2015.

The net effect of these five leases is that the former Longbow leased space (18,288 sq. ft.) will be replaced by almost 26,000 sq. ft. of new tenant leases (about 30% more space), with a payroll equal to about 150% of the Longbow payroll.

Mayor Dell’Aquila added, “We are very excited to welcome these new firms to Seven Hills, to share with them some of the amenities we have to offer, and to collaborate in helping them remain successful, thriving, businesses in our city.”

The administration has also been asked to work with other businesses considering relocation to Seven Hills. In the event that concessions are sought by these firms, the Mayor said the City will be required to notify any existing city where these firms are currently located which is also a signatory to an “anti-poaching” agreement signed by many local communities.




February 10, 2015. The legal proceeding filed against the City of Seven Hills by the home owners association across Rockside Road from the new Biltmore Nursing Home was dismissed by the Court of Appeals today in Case # CA-14-102122.

This action was related to assertions about the construction of the nursing home. The Court granted the City’s motion to dismiss.

The original petition is verified by a sworn affidavit signed by Thomas Jaros, who is listed in the Court pleadings as residing at the same address listed for the Stone Ridge Maintenance Association.


Seven Hills Ranked 3rd Safest Small Town in Ohio!

Today we published a ranking of the safest small towns in Ohio. To create the ranking we looked at towns with populations between 5,000 and 20,000 and we pulled data from the FBI 2012 Uniform Crime Report.

Seven Hills came in at number three:http://www.movoto.com/oh/safest-small-towns-in-ohio/



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About the Mayor

Mayor Richard P. Dell'Aquila
Mayor Richard Dell'AquilaMayor Richard Dell’Aquila has spent most of his life in Seven Hills, born in Cleveland Ohio. His father, Nicholas, was born in Johnstown, PA and married his mother, Mary, in Italy after World War II.
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Project R.A.I.N.

Project R.A.I.N. The residents of Seven Hills are leaders in Ohio for nature preservation.