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9/28/20217:00 PMSeptember 28th, City Council
9/30/20214:00 PMSeptember 30th, Farmer's Market
10/1/20211:00 PMOctober 1, Red Cross Blood Drive
10/2/20211:00 PMOctober 2nd, Oktoberfest
10/4/202110:30 AMOctober 4th, Senior Bingo
10/6/20217:00 PMOctober 6th, Planning Commission
10/11/20211:00 PMOctober 11th, Columbus Day - City Hall Closed
10/12/20213:00 PMOctober 12th, Mayor's Court
10/12/20217:00 PMOctober 12th, City Council Meeting
10/13/20218:30 AMOctober 13th, Senior Breakfast & Bingo
10/13/20217:00 PMOctober 13th, Zoning Board
10/14/20218:00 AMOctober 14th, Garage Sales
10/15/20218:00 AMOctober 15th, Garage Sales
10/16/20218:00 AMOctober 16th, Garage Sales
10/18/202110:30 AMOctober 18th, Senior Bingo
10/26/20213:00 PMOctober 26th, Mayor's Court
10/26/20217:00 PMOctober 26th, City Council Meeting
11/1/202110:30 AMNovember 1st, Senior Bingo
11/3/20217:00 PMNovember 3rd, Planning Commission
11/9/20213:00 PMNovember 9th, Mayor's Court
11/10/20218:30 AMNovember 10th, Senior Breakfast & Bingo
11/10/20217:00 PMNovember 10th, Zoning Board
11/15/202110:30 AMNovember 15th, Senior Bingo
11/16/20217:00 PMNovember 16th, City Council Meeting
11/23/20213:00 PMNovember 23rd, Mayor's Court
11/25/202112:00 AMNovember 25th, Thanksgiving Day
11/26/202112:00 AMNovember 26th, City Hall Closed
11/30/20217:00 PMNovember 30th, City Council Meeting
12/6/202110:30 AMDecember 6th, Senior Bingo
12/7/20213:00 PMDecember 7th, Mayor's Court
12/8/20218:30 AMDecember 8th, Senior Breakfast & Bingo
12/8/20217:00 PMDecember 8th, Planning Commission
12/14/20217:00 PMDecember 14th, City Council Meeting
12/14/20217:00 PMDecember 14th, City Council Meeting
12/15/20217:00 PMDecember 15th, Zoning Board
12/20/202110:30 AMDecember 15th, Senior Bingo
12/21/20213:00 PMDecember 21st, Mayor's Court
12/24/202112:00 AMDecember 24th, Christmas Eve
12/25/202112:00 AMDecember 25th, Christmas Day

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