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COVID-19 Information

This page is constantly being updated. Please check back frequently. 

Important Updates

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Seven Hills City Hall is currently open by appointment only by calling 216-524-4421.


The Seven Hills Recreation Center will be re-opening on
Tuesday, May 26th, with normal hours of operation.

Recreation Center Policy Updates & Information

General Facility Policies

  • All recreation center employees temperatures will be taken daily and their health assessed. We encourage all patrons to self-assess their health and take their temperatures at home. If you feel unwell in any way, please stay home!
  • At this time, admission is limited to Seven Hills Recreation Center members and Seven Hills residents only. Any children 14 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Masks are encouraged in public spaces, but for your own safety, not suggested while working out.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering the building, and on your way out.
  • Please follow all posted procedures throughout the building. 
  • There will be NO open gyms at this time.
  • Drinking fountains are currently out of order. We ask that you bring your own water bottles. Bottle refill stations are available on the 1st floor near the Gathering Rooms, as well as on the Pool Deck.
  • Chairs and tables in the hallway and gathering rooms have been removed at this time.
  • The coffee program has temporarily been suspended.

Fitness Floor Policies

  • There will be a designated Fitness Attendant. They will be helping everyone maintain social distancing as well as making sure that machines are sanitized between patrons.
  • Every other machine has been placed out of order to encourage social distancing.
  • We encourage you to sanitize machines and equipment before and after use.

Locker Room Policies

  • Every third locker is available for use.
  • Every other sink is out of order at this time.
  • We encourage you to shower at home if possible. Showers will be sanitized every two hours.
  • Please come as prepared for your workout as possible. 
  • If possible, please bring a change of shoes so you are not wearing street shoes while working out.
  • If something is marked out of order, please leave it out of order. If you need something specific, please speak to a staff member and we will do our best to help you!

Pool Area Policies

  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Click HERE for the current pool schedule.
  • Groups of different households must maintain social distancing.
  • Please wear a face mask while not in the pool or hot tub.
  • Street shoes are not permitted on deck.
  • Please keep the pool deck/narrow passages clear.
  • Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
  • In the lap lanes, one person per lane with a 30-minute time limit.
  • At this time, the hot tub is limited to 1 person/family (18 and over) at a time with a 10-minute time limit.
  • Family seating is available on the green pool deck benches and the patio picnic tables.
  • Indoor/outdoor chairs and tables must NOT be moved.
  • Please spray and wipe down your tables and chairs after use
  • At this time, the sauna is out of order.
  • Much like at your grocery store, there will be one-way traffic on the pool deck to minimize contact. When coming out of the locker rooms, please head left and follow the signs.

Patio Area Policies

  • Stay safe - Stay healthy - Stay 6-feet apart and 6-feet away from staff members too!
  • Wear a face mask covering your face and mouth.
  • No gathering in group of different households.
  • Please keep the area between the tables and chairs clear.
  • Chairs/Family tables must NOT be moved.
  • Please sanitize your chair/table after use.
  • Lounge chairs must remain in the same spot with a 1-hour time limit.
  • Family seating is available at the picnic tables with a 1-hour time limit.
  • Enter the patio on the hot tub side and exit on the lifeguard chair side.
Summer Day Camp/Before & After Care Policies

  • Day Camps will be open following strict guidelines outlined by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Camp will be broken into small groups.
  • There will be no more than 9 campers per group of school aged children.
  • There will be no more than 8 campers in preschool camp.
  • There will be no off-site field trips this year.
  • Please click HERE for drop-off and pick-up policies!
  • Registration can be done online or over the phone to help maintain social distancing. 

Adult Programs Policies

  • Adult Programs will resume on June 1st.
  • Based on the measurements of the room, to allow for social distancing, classes will be limited to no more than 11 participants. Classes will be first come first serve!
  • Due to occupancy caps, please avoid coming earlier than necessary to class. Please do not linger after your class has finished.
  • Please check our Facebook & website for updated schedules of classes, as some locations may have changed.

 Youth Programs Policies

  • Rookie Programs will continue mid-summer.
  • At this time, high contact sports such as basketball have not been approved to continue. 
  • Schedules are being adjusted to best fit our building schedule.
  • Please check back frequently for updated programs.

Senior Programs Policies

  • Senior programming will continue June 1st
  • Click HERE for the June SilverSneaker's schedule.
  • Chairs are placed to allow 6-feet between participants. Do NOT move these chairs.
  • Wash or sanitize hands thoroughly before the start of class.
  • At the end of class, please leave all equipment at your chair so it can be sanitized and put away.

For questions regarding COVID-19 and Seven Hills Recreation Center policies, please contact Mike Gallagher at 216-524-6262 EXT. 404

We will be closely adhering to the protocols as outlined by the Ohio Department of Health. Our staff has been working hard to create a safe environment for our residents and members - this includes new protocols and regulations. We ask that visitors also adhere to the guidelines as posted in our building, as well as those that have been practiced for the last 2 months.

Complete your physical assessment at home - if you don't feel well, please stay home. Masks are encouraged in public areas, but for your own safety are not suggested while working out.

At this time, the Recreation Center will appear different than we are used to - it will not be the social gathering space for our favorite seniors. It will not be the place to catch up before or after class with your complimentary cup of coffee. It will not be the place where all of the kids gather to swim.

If we can continue to abide by the suggested guidelines, we can become the Community gathering space once again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we re-open safely for the Community and Staff.