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Yard Waste/Leaf Pickup

Wood or branches must be put into bundles that do not weigh more than 35 lbs. each and have been tied with rope or twine. They must be no longer than 4' in length or 4" in diameter.

Grass Clippings:
We encourage residents to use a mulching mower when possible. Keeping the heavy bags of grass out of the regular trash will save on the tonnage cost.

Leaf Pickup:
Curbside leaf pickup will start October 23, 2017 and continue through December, weather permitting, starting at the South end of the City. Leaf signs will be placed one week in advance. Leaves should be raked no more than 8 feet from the curb/tree lawn. Do not add yard waste, such as branches, weeds and grass clippings to your leaves. These items clog the vacuum tubes and cause unnecessary delays in the pickup process. Do not rake leaves into the street, by mail boxes, poles or fire hydrants.

Tree Trimming:
The Service Department will trim street trees, per SHCO. 707.05, limbs obstructing so that the branches of such trees projecting over any public sidewalk, private driveway or into any public street beyond the curb line shall not conflict with the public welfare. Property owner’s may, at their expense, have tree limbs trimmed which they find objectionable provided that such work is performed according to the requirements in the City Ordinance. The limbs shall be cleared where the lowest branches are not less than nine feet above a public sidewalk and not less than 13 feet above the ground over a public road.