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Law Department

Contact Information  

Eric J. Moore- Law Director
Patrick DiChiro - Assistant Law Director/Prosecutor

Teri Matson - Secretary

Direct Line: 216-525-6237
Fax Line: 216-525-6256
City Hall: 216-524-4421 #237

Summary of Law Department Functions

The Law Department is dedicated to the protection of the legal interests of the City of Seven Hills so that the Mayor, Council, and all Departments can most fully serve our citizens. The Law Department of the City of Seven Hills, under the direction of Law Director (currently this position is vacant) functions as the attorneys for the City of Seven Hills and its officials by providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council and all of the various departments. The Law Department reviews legislation, contracts and all legal documents to ensure all business of the City is conducted in a proper and legal manner, and represents the City in all proceedings before any court of law or administrative body.

While criminal/traffic cases are initiated by the Police Department, the Assistant Law Director/ Prosecutor pursues prosecution on behalf of the City of Seven Hills. The Assistant Law Director/Prosecutor also provides legal opinions, advice and support to the Police Department.

Law Department Duties and Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities of the City Prosecutor