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Finance Department

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2016 City of Seven Hills Budget

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February 2016 YTD Fund Cash
February 2016 MTD YTD Revenue
February 2016 Current Year Budget Expenses
February 2016 Current Year Roll Up Expenses 
February 2016 Combined Year Budget Expenses

January 2016 YTD Fund Cash 
January 2016 MTD YTD Revenue 
January 2016 Current Year Budget Expenses
January 2016 Current Year Roll Up Expenses

December 2015 Combined Year Budget Expenses

All residents of the City of Seven Hills are required to file yearly Municipal Income Tax Returns by April 15. For tax forms or assistance, contact Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) at 1-800-860-7482 or at

Cuyahoga Job and Family Services (CJFS), in partnership with the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition, is offering low to moderate income taxpayers free tax preparation services.

CJFS Neighborhood Family Service Centers at Westshore and Southgate have tax preparation services on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays.

Taxpayers can go online to or simply dial 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment. For more information visit

Community Financial Centers Flyer - Click Here!
Earned Income Tax Credit Tax Prep Flyer - Click Here!

Contact Information

Finance Director: Sonja Herwick
Deputy Finance Director: Joseph Hotchkiss

The Department of Finance has the responsibility of creating budgets, reports, issuing purchase orders, employee payroll, and many other financial functions.

As budgets are developed, the department is called upon by Council to provide a breakdown of costs so Council can come to an informed decision as to how City resources will be spent. Throughout the year, the Finance Department advises Council as to the condition of the budget.

The Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) is the City's agent to collect the City's income tax. Forms are available at the Finance Department and from R.I.T.A. The income tax rate for Seven Hills is 2% with a 1.1% credit for city taxes paid to your city of employment outside of Seven Hills.

City tax returns should be filed with R.I.T.A. by April 15th each year. Be careful when filing on the internet since not all tax software is capable of filing the city return with the Federal and State tax returns. R.I.T.A. has a web site ( where city tax returns can be filed.

Seven Hills Finance Department receives Ohio State Auditor's Award for 2014