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Animal Control Officer

Animal Control


The mission of the Seven Hills Animal Control is to provide the citizens of Seven Hills with effective and cost efficient animal related services which include: The active enforcement of State and local laws, the humane sheltering and adoption of stray and unwanted animals, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Objectives of the Animal Control Department

  1. Improve the co-existence of animals and humans while providing the highest quality service to our residents
  2. Enforce the City Ordinances as set forth in the Codified Ordinance Book
  3. Relieve the pain and suffering of animals
  4. Promote responsible pet ownership
  5. Increase public awareness of animal issues
  6. Cooperation with Breed Rescue / Animal Welfare Organizations
  7. Assist residents with wildlife problems and prevention of conflict with animals

Contact the Animal Control Officer by dialing 216-524-3940.

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Click Here for information regarding Trapping / Nuisance Trapping   ~ Note:  This link is for informational purposes only.  The Seven Hills Animal Control Officer does not provide trapping services for residents.  For assistance with trapping, residents should contact a licensed nuisance animal control operator.

Click Here for information regarding Wildlife / Baby Animals

Lost or Found Animal?  Click Here to go to the shared webpage for our Animal Control Officer's Report!