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Seven Hills Swim Team


2021/2022 Seahawks Fall/Winter Swim Team Info
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Members $50 | Non-Members $60

This program is designed for swimmers ages 5 and up that have a desire to swim at the competitive level. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring we practice only, but in the summer session we compete against other local recreation swim teams in the Recreational Suburban Swim League. If your child can swim 25-yards freestyle and 25-yards backstroke non-stop, they can participate in this group (25-yards = One Length of the pool).

2021 Summer Swim Team Info
Updated 5/27/21

Parents/Guardians Informational Meeting: Thursday, May 27th at 6 pm

Team website:

League Website:

Sessions Runs: June 7th through July 31st.

Practice Times and Locations (Subject to Change):

Coaches and Other Contact Information:

  1. Head Coaches: Eden and Jocelyn
  2. Assistant Coaches: Giana, Jarrod, and Tim.
  3. Swim Team Email:
  4. Mike Gallagher (Aquatics Supervisor) | 216-524-6262 ext. 404 |
  5. Jen Burger (Recreation Director) | 216-524-6262 ext. 401 |
  6. Mike Gallagher Email List Coordinator: To be added onto the Email List, please email Mike at


Important Dates and Notes:

Parents/Guardians Help Needed:

Meet Schedule/Results:

Meet Locations:

The night before each swim meet: 

  1. It is important to eat well and get plenty of sleep the night before the meet.
  2. Stay hydrated before and between your races.  Also – the day of the meet try to eat a lighter, healthy meal.  Be sure to bring some snacks to the meet. 

What should you bring to a swim meet? 

  1. Team suit, cap, and goggles (Always bring extra caps and goggles just in case!)
  2. Towels!  Bring more than one!
  3. Wear swim team spirit wear if you have some.
  4. Dress with the weather. It can be extremely hot, cold, rainy, or little bit of everything😊.
  5. Sunscreen for those hot and sunny days.
  6. Bring an extra set of dry clothes in a bag to change after the meet.
  7. Flip flops, crocs, or deck shoes.
  8. Drinks – water, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc.
  9. Snacks – something to eat between events because some meets can go for hours. 
  10. A sharpie marker for writing events/lanes on your arm.
  11. Chairs – for both parents and swimmers to sit on. 
  12. Bring an umbrella or two.
  13. For the outdoor meets, bring a tent to protect you and your family from the sun or rain.

Family/Swimmer Expectations: 

  1. Check your email often. We will be sending out important information and updates.
  2. Wear a mask and/or maintain social distancing at facilities where it is required or mandated by the board of health.
  3. Please email Mike at seven days in advance if you cannot make a meet. 
  4. Each family is required to sign up as a timer/meet worker for at least two swim meets. If you do not sign up for at least two meets, we will assign meets for your family.
  5. Each swimmer is required to attend 2 swim meets to swim in the champs meet and attend 2 practices a week to swim in meets.
  6. Write your child’s event name, number, and heat on their arm with a sharpie.
  7. All swimmers must arrive 15-minutes before warm-up to check in with the coaches, team stretches and a team cheer.
  8. Go to the designated area for our swim team and set up camp. This helps the coaches and parents find kids to make sure that they get to their events on time.
  9. Please assist in getting your child their events/clerk of course (For 10 and under swimmers only.) as coaches are often busy organizing swimmers for the events currently going on. Please keep in mind the coaches will do the best they can to make sure your swimmers get to their events. If they cannot find the swimmer, it may affect a whole relay team.
  10. After your race, talk to the coaches to get feedback.
  11. Be a great sport! Shake hands, fist bump, or high five after your races with your opponent. 
  12. We are a team and teams should support each other.  Please show your team spirit by cheering on your fellow swimmers.
  13. If there is a playground at a pool, please have your child stay off it. There have been swimmers that have been hurt in the past.
  14. Make sure that all garbage/debris is put into the garbage can during and after the meet. We want to make sure that we leave the area clean like we found it.
  15. Plan to stay until the end of the meet. If you must leave early, you must check in with a coach to make sure the swimmer completed all your swimming events. In the past, swimmers would leave early, and it would affect a whole relay team.