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Snow Removal

Snow Plow Safety
Snow Parking Ban:
Just a reminder that when snow exceeds two inches, there is no parking on city streets until streets are cleared.

Snow Removal Priorities: Primary streets are plowed first, followed by secondary streets. The first priority is the emergency snow routes and other main collector streets, which connect major sections of the City to provide access for emergency fire, police, medical services, schools, and commercial businesses or area bus routes. The second priority is the residential streets. Please note that cul-de-sacs are plowed last and that city snowplows are prohibited from plowing driveways or towing private vehicles. It is the City of Seven Hills's current policy that private streets are the property owner's responsibility for any snow removal activities. All sidewalks adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Snow placed in driveways by City plows is the property owners' responsibility for removal. Snow from a private driveway may
not be placed on or pushed across a City street. The City will only clean snow within the confines of curb line to curb line of a street. This priority system keeps open the roads that serve the greatest number of people.

Salt Sensibility Program: As begun several years ago, and with the success we enjoyed both monetarily and environmentally, we will continue with our Salt Sensibility program. Therefore, main roads, intersections, hills, curves and school zones will continue to be salted and plowed throughout snow events. Secondary streets will be plowed as often as possible, but will not be salted except for 200 feet at each intersection. As always, we will never jeopardize our resident's safety but will be cognizant of continued cost control and environmental effects of the salt.

Mail Boxes

At times, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The City will repair mailboxes knocked down by heavy snow or slush, if damaged by our vehicles. Before winter please make sure that your mailbox is properly fastened to the pole.

Your assistance is needed in removing the snow from in front of your mailbox. The extreme ice and snow packed around the mailbox prevents city trucks from removing the snow without causing damage to the mailbox.

The U.S. Postal Service guidelines for mailbox installation:
  1. Place the mail box approximately 12 inches from the curb on either side of the driveway.
  2. The mailbox should be large enough to hold all of your mail.
  3. The mailbox should be between 46" and 56" high.
  4. Your address should be on the Southside and inside the box to prevent mis-deliveries in the winter.