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February Hall of Fame Resident of the Month


Congratulations to the 2021 February Resident of the Month - Sarah Lang!

I have been a Seven Hills resident since 2015.  Being a newbie to the area, it was difficult to meet new people.   I started looking into Seven Hills Facebook groups, and I quickly recognized a need for a group that was more inclusive and less heavily-moderated and biased, so that residents could really express their opinions and openly discuss matters concerning their city – thus, Seven Hills Chatter was born.  Residents were really receptive, and since then we have steadily been forming our own “online world” centered directly around our community, creating sub-groups of SH Chatter.  As of today, our (online) community includes: Seven Hills Politics Uncensored, Seven Hills Sells (OH), and Seven Hills Shares (OH). 

We have also recently started Seven Hills Local (OH), which is a place for all Seven Hills Businesses and those on the cusp of Seven Hills, to promote and advertise so that residents can look in one central location for all things available/going on in Seven Hills and support local – we encourage all Seven Hills businesses to join and promote themselves! 

Seven Hills Shares (OH) is the second most active group (within the SH Chatter sub-groups); it is based on the concept of the Buy Nothing pages, but our own version directly aimed at our residents.  It really enforces the concept that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” - residents are able to post (or request) items and everything listed is completely free.  In a time when things have been difficult for so many, I feel like it has helped bring people together and if it has brightened even one person’s day, then mission accomplished.  

In my “spare” time, I also run a non-profit rescue, Ruff House Animal Rescue.  The pandemic has deeply affected the operation of non-profit groups due to lack of donations and events, so it has been a very slow time unfortunately.  We are hoping to be able to team up with some local sponsors (shameless plug: email me at if you would like to be involved!) to host a (socially distanced) low-cost care clinic within the community to offer vaccinations, microchips, and heartworm testing.  We know that the pandemic has financially hurt so many, and we want to be able to ease the burden of pet owners trying to make sure their pets remain healthy during uncertain times when finances might be stretched to the max.