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First Energy Storm Restoration Update - 11/18


Good Morning,

As of 9:00 am there are 2,200 CEI customers without power due to Sunday’s wind storm. Over 102,000 customers have been restored. 
Crews will continue working until every last power outage is restored.
It is important that customers call CEI to report their power outage: 1-888-LIGHTSS (544-4877) Some customers may think their neighbor’s call to CEI is good enough. That may not be the case. Also, a caller may request a call back if their estimated time of restoration changes.

The following power restoration information plus more may be found at:

·        We secure any known hazards first – downed wires, for example – usually by sending out Hazard Responders to keep the area clear. They are not trained to make repairs, but to help keep the public safe until repairs can be made. 
·        We give priority to hospitals, police and fire departments and other critical facilities. 
·        First, we repair transmission lines and substations that supply power to the local system. 
·        Then we make repairs that restore the largest number of customers – this is the fastest way to restore all customers.