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August Hall of Fame Resident of the Month


Congratulations to the August Resident of the Month - Georgia Kostyack

I have always dreamed in song, the lyrics, the music, and the happiness it brings to people has always moved me. Ten years ago I started to write my own music and realized how my music could impact the lives of others whilst empowering my own life. I started the Wildflower project three years ago. The wildflower project is a program that teaches others to simply treat people with kindness. Many people often don’t realize the impact of their words and through music, my personal life experience and listening to others, I explain how those words can leave scars and how we can heal others with the kindness we bring to them. I have had to the opportunity to sing all over the United States, including in Nashville, California, New York and many other places and it has truly been the honor of my life. I have sang the National Anthem for Several professional sporting events and city events including, Seven hills Memorial Day parade, The Cleveland Indians, Tampa Bay Rays and The Detroit Tigers. have shot 3 music videos and released 2 singles. The latest single I have released is titled Tonight and it is co-written by Dougie Manross and produced by American Noises’s George Sipl. My single can be found on all streaming platforms! Being the resident of the month in my hometown is one of my greatest accomplishments and I am so grateful to the Hall Of Fame for this amazing award!