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Property Condition Reports


I recently commissioned the QCI Group (Quality Control Inspection Inc.) Inc., a company with a trusted history of providing independent construction observation (inspection) and contract administration services, to assess the condition of the Community Recreation Center, the Service Department garage and the vacant Old Recreation Hall at Calvin Park. Their Property Condition reports, which include their recommendations as to the actions to take regarding these facilities, are available from this page.

These Property Condition Reports will assist the City in planning what to do about these facilities (Repair v. Rebuild analysis for the Old Recreation Hall and Service Department garage). The QCI Group recommendations also include rough estimates so that the City can be proactive in planning the finances that will be required for these Capital expenses.


Retaining the QCI Group was consistent with my approach of engaging outside professionals in areas where the City has limited or no in-house expertise. This approach allows us to make better-informed decisions, to be the best stewards of your tax dollars and to protect City assets.


Click here to read the full report.  


Mayor Tony Biasiotta