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May Hall of Fame Resident of the Month


Congratulations to the May Seven Hills Hall of Fame Resident of the Month - Brian Kelly. 


I grew up in Cleveland and Parma, I graduated from Valley Forge High School in 1993. I went into the Army right after High School, and I was in the 1st Infantry Division out of Ft. Riley Kansas. In 1995 I was home on leave at a buddy's pool party when I met my soon to be wife "again". We went to High School together, and we were friends, but she was 2yrs older than I was, so you know how that goes in High School. We started a long distance relationship, while I was still in the Army, that continued after I got out. We bought a house together in Parma in 1999, and got married in 2001. We bought our current house in Seven Hills in 2005, where I plan on being for the rest of my life. We had our two boys in 2006 and 2008, the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I'm a self employed general contractor with my own business that I have been doing since 1998. In my free time I love working on our Home, and playing ball with my boys. I've coached both of the boys since they were old enough in baseball and basketball. I'm currently the President of the 7 Hills Baseball Federation. I also love building things in my free time, like life size palm trees, giant floating coolers that look like Daffy Duck, large duct tape floats and ballparks. My twin brother and I, with our two families are 2 time Avon Duck Tape Festival winners, with a second place, only losing by 2 points. We as a family are very creative, always building something. My plans for the future is to continue down the path I'm going, help people when they need it, try to be the best Dad I can, and to be a better Husband.