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COVID-19 Update from Fire Chief Meklemburg


Residents of Seven Hills,

With information coming to us from all kinds of places, I wanted to take a moment to discuss what you should do if you think you may have CoVID-19. While this infection is most certainly serious, there is some misinformation going around about it.

If you have mild symptoms such as fever, weakness, cough, or shortness of breath, please consider one of the following options:

University Hospitals: Encourages those with mild symptoms to contact their primary care physician or utilize UH Virtual Visit rather than going to the ER.

Cleveland Clinic: Also encourages their patients to contact their primary care physician or schedule a virtual visit via their express care online app.

Metro Health: Has a free hotline and encourages anyone who thinks they may have CoVID-19 to call (440-592-6843).

Both University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic now have a drive up testing site. But please remember that YOU MUST HAVE A DOCTORS ORDER for the test. If you drive there without one, you will be turned away.

You may wonder why you shouldn’t call 911 or go to the ER with mild symptoms. There are several reasons for this.

Something that you may notice over the next few months are your first responders protecting themselves. We are following guidelines from the CDC that are being handed down by the County Board of Health. These guidelines include increased protective clothing like gowns and masks for anyone exhibiting signs and symptoms of CoVID-19.

We also need your help to protect our responders. If you decide that you need to call us because your symptoms have become severe, please advise the dispatch center that you have symptoms that are consistent with CoVID-19. This will allow our responders to have the proper PPE on when they get to you.

Thank you for your understanding,

Chief Meklemburg