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Press Release Regarding Sewers



City of Seven Hills, Office of Mayor Richard Dell’Aquila

June 28, 2019

The torrential rains of the past few weeks have exceeded the stormwater handling capacity of sewer systems throughout the region, including some in Seven Hills.

Several areas in the city were already identified as needing attention and we had previously engaged an outside engineering/consulting firm, AECOM, to assist in addressing those sewer issues. That program is underway along with the repair of private property and city owned sewers in certain neighborhoods. The city is continuing with smoke and dye testing and is about to request bidding for work on one of those areas.  Seven Hills had also previously contracted with the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works to assist with sewer maintenance, including more citywide catch basin cleaning and rebuilding, where necessary, this season.

The extraordinary storms last week have revealed a possible sewer capacity issue at the eastern end of the Hemlock Creek Sanitary Sewer project area. The city had obtained $3.5Million in grants to reduce the residents’ cost for the 300 plus homes to convert from septic systems to sanitary sewers in an EPA mandated project.

Since last week, our city Engineer and Service Director, in collaboration with Fabrizi Construction, the contractor on this project, have agreed on a plan to mitigate the storm water flooding in that part of the Hemlock project. Fabrizi has been very responsive in working on this.

Within the next few weeks, Fabrizi Construction will be installing a second storm sewer to supplement the existing sewer line there. Soon thereafter, it is anticipated that the street pavement will also be installed in the neighborhood, all within the original estimated cost of the Hemlock project.

After having held a meeting with affected residents on Monday, June 24, 2019, the city is responding with identified sewer upgrades in this neighborhood and continues to investigate these issues. Thank you again to the NEORSD, AECOM, and all our residents for attending and participating in that meeting. The city will do its best to expedite this work, although continued understanding may be needed in the event of intervening storms.

Thank you to everyone for assisting our residents at this difficult time.