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Seven Hills Hall of Fame March Resident of the Month


Congratulations Abriana Rondin Seven Hills Hall of Fame Resident of the Month March.

Abriana Rondin, a life-long Seven Hills resident, will graduate from Lutheran West High School in 2019 and will attend Youngstown State University in the fall of that year.  She is an NCAA Division One scholarship soccer player, and her sports history in Seven Hills paved the way for this accomplishment.


I started with sports in Seven Hills at age four in the Instructional soccer program.  I grew up playing soccer in both recreational and travel league play for the city and always had pride in wearing the Seven Hills name on my jersey, and led teams to many championships for Seven Hills. 

When I was 8 I got my first taste of basketball in the Seven Hills recreation league as a second grader playing in a third and fourth-grade league. I was the smallest second grader in my class and didn't have the strength to shoot, but with defense, I helped contribute to our team's championship success. Some of my greatest sports memories were playing Seven Hills basketball. I also participated in T-League, coach pitch and softball in Seven Hills, but gave it up due to playing soccer and basketball practically year-round.

I'm so excited to play with the Youngstown State Penguins this fall, 14 years after kicking a soccer ball for the first time in Seven Hills.

Here are some of the accomplishments/records broken during my high school experience: