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RITA Subpoena Update


A Message from R.I.T.A. (Regional Income Tax Agency): 

Approximately 1,084 administrative subpoenas have been mailed to taxpayers that neglected to file a municipal income tax return for Seven Hills.  All of the taxpayers that will receive the subpoenas were first issued a non-filing notice and were given an opportunity to respond before a subpoena was issued.    

Taxpayers can avoid an appearance by simply efiling returns at:, mailing or faxing to RITA the documents listed on the administrative subpoena. 

Attn: Compliance Department 198 
Regional Income Tax Agency
PO BOX 470538
Broadview Heights, OH  44147-0538
Faxing to: 440-922-3510

While every effort is made to properly staff the program based upon the number of subpoenas issued, you may observe wait times that vary throughout the day.   Taxpayers who elect not to wait may leave the required tax documents with RITA staff and will be considered in compliance with the subpoena.