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Leaf Pickup Updates


12/21/18 -- 
2 crews are out today. They are on Cherry, Twilight, East Ridgewood, and the Bayberry area.   

12/20-21/18 -- 
2 crews are out today. They are on Glenella and Bramblewood Estates. The second crew is finishing Mapleview, Scenic, Skyview, Panorama and Maron. For Friday, December 21 we plan to do Cherry, Starlight, Twilight, Seven Hills Blvd, and the Mary’s (North, South, and Mary).

We recommend that residents begin to bag leaves and put them in your regular trash after Friday, December 21st

12/18/18 -- This is the fourth pass through the city. All streets south of Hillside have been completed. Crews are working north responding to telephone calls. If anyone has a street that needs attention, please email

12/13/2018 -- 2 leaf crews out today. They are finishing Bramblewood Estates and then moving to Crosswood Estates. The other crew is in the Winchester area.

12/12/2018 -- 2 leaf crews are out today. They are on Ridgewood, Bonroi, Tanglewood, Bayberry, and Crosswood Estates.

12/11/2018 -- 
We have 2 crews out today. They are on Seven Hills Blvd, Starlight, Parkview, Parkhaven, and Mapleview.  We should make significant progress this week. Temperatures are predicted to moderate slightly. 

12/10/2018 -- 2 leaf crews are out today. Possibly before the end of the day, we will have 3. They are on Nemet, Starlight, Parkhaven, Parkview, Justo, and Mapleview

12/8/2018 -- We are continuing with leaf pickup as long as weather permits but we will be suspending soon! 

12/7/18 -- 2 crews out today. Finishing Vincent, Shelly, Daniel, and Edgewood. Moving to Jasmine and Magnolia. The second crew is working on Simich, Diana, and Parkview.

12/6/18 -- 3 leaf crews out today. They are on Skyview, Glenella, Ridgeview, all street off of Oakwood, Edgewood, and all streets off of McCreary. 

12/5/18 -- 3 leaf crews are out today. Finishing Rockside Road and north then going to Orchardview. Next, they will be on Pleasant Valley and streets south. Hickory, Cricket and Hillside.    

12/3/18 -- 3 leaf crews out again today. They are expected to finish East Dartmoor, East Decker, St Joseph, and Cabrini Lane. They will be on Rockside Road and start street North of Rockside. Third crew is still on McCreary and East Sprague.
11/30/18 -- 3 leaf crews out today. They are finishing all streets between East Decker and East Dartmoor. Second crew is working St Joseph, St. Francis and Cabrini Lane. Third crew is working McCreary, Sprague, and south of Pleasant Valley.

 11/29/18 -- There are 3 leaf crews today. McCreary, Meadview, Talford, Winchester, and Dartmoor. Next, they will be on St Francis, Cabrini Lane and St Joseph.

 11/28/18 -- There is one leaf crew out this morning. We may have a second out before the end of the day. They are finishing Crossview and then McCreary, Sprague.

11/27/18 --  
Three leaf crews out today. Finishing Crossview. They will be working north to East Decker, Gale, Cindy, East Dartmoor, East Clearview, Meadview and Winchester. They are expected to get north of Rockside Road later this week by the end of the week. One crew will be back on McCreary, Sprague, etc. later today.

11/26/18 -- 
Three leaf crews are out today. On Saturday they were on E. Ridgewood, Bayberry, Waxberry, Bramblewood Estates, and Crossview.

Today they will be finishing the Bramblewood, and Crossview areas and heading to Sprague, McCreary, and South.

Residents are urged to get their leaves raked to the curb/roadside as soon as possible. We will be making final passes in the next two weeks.

11/15/18 -- Only one leaf crew is out today. We had 2 convert trucks to salting roads. Today they are finishing Hickory, Cricket and Deer Run/ Fox Chase. From there they will proceed to Laura Lee, Rustic Oval, Alla, Cheryl Ann Donna Rae Karen, etc. 

11/14/18 -- Today 3 leaf crews are out. They are on Vezber, Ridgewood, Hickory, Cricket, Jasmine. Hillside north including Ridgeview and Edgewood area.

11/13/18 -- Today leaf crews are working on Hillside and working south on roads which include Ridgeview, Dear Run, Jasmine and, Magnolia. The other truck is working on McCreary and streets south off of McCreary such as Orchardview, Meadowlane, Wynde Tree, Sparrow Flight and, Vezber.   

11/12/18 -- 

Today one leaf crew is finishing areas north of Rockside Road. The second leaf crew is back on Sprague, McCreary Road and East Pleasant Valley. Both of the crews will be on the south side by mid-day.