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Bayberry Tree


"THANK YOU" To Our Seven Hills Emergency Responders


The storms that blew through Seven Hills last night (Oct. 20, 2018) claimed a few trees, including one that fell across Bayberry at E. Ridgewood, which is the only access to an entire subdivision.  Fortunately, there were no injuries. However, that blocked roadway presented a crisis, especially in the event that an emergency vehicle had to get through.


After a call from our dispatchers around 11:30 p.m., I spoke with our Service Department, Fire and Police, and by midnight, met with city personnel on site.  The Police had already cordoned off the area as I maintained contact with the Service Department. In the meantime, and within about 45 minutes, our Seven Hills Firefighters and Police Officers had cleared the blockage and reopened Bayberry to traffic. We were off scene by about 1:00 a.m.


Last night, I again observed our great professionals going above and beyond, making certain that our residents are safe in their homes. We can be justifiably proud of our emergency responders, and the resolve and dedication they demonstrated in taking such quick and effective action.


We appreciate our emergency responders. On behalf of the City of Seven Hills, "Thank You" to everyone involved for your exceptional professionalism in dealing with this emergency!


                                                                                    --Mayor Richard Dell'Aquila