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Fairmount Press Release



City of Seven Hills

Mayor Richard Dell'Aquila

August 27, 2018

The City of Seven Hills is pleased to announce a proposed Rockside Road mixed-use development near Crossview Road. At a joint Council and Planning Commission meeting this evening, representatives of Fairmount Properties made an initial conceptual presentation of their development plans for the site, to be realized in cooperation with the current property owner. Their proposal includes office space, retail, residential, a high-end grocery, and a possible upscale hotel.

“Where others saw the site topography as a challenge, Fairmount sees it as an opportunity to create a unique development that will enhance the beauty of the city at its very entrance,” said Mayor Dell'Aquila. “And there will be some great views from the top of the hill too.”

Fairmount is an established local developer with a proven history of successful projects of this type. Their recent projects include the East Bank of the Flats, Pinecrest in Orange Village, First and Main in Hudson, and the renovation of downtown Kent. Their projects typically include a differential between pedestrian and vehicular areas, with large public spaces, all designed to create a community feel by blending in the various uses to integrate with the existing community, and in this case to also protect many acres of wetlands and green space for public use.

Mayor Dell'Aquila said, “In the several months since we have been discussing these ideas with Fairmount, it has become clearly evident that this developer has the willingness to collaborate with the city to establish shared goals. Council President Biasiotta confirmed at the meeting this evening that this was also the experience of the elected officials in Orange Village.”

Detailed plans in conformity with the P.U.D. ordinance passed in the prior Council term are forthcoming, perhaps as soon as the September Planning Commission meeting. “I was very pleased by our discussions, as well as Fairmount's understanding of the importance of signing a formal Development Agreement to control construction types, quality, and phasing. This absolutely critical element was missed by the prior Council and was a significant factor in the failure of those proposals.”

This evening's meeting was the first official disclosure of the project and the initial opportunity for residents to ask questions. “Councilman Biasiotta and I have been quietly discussing this concept with Fairmount since early in the year. However, we felt it would be premature to announce it until they finalized their agreement with the property owner. The untimely promises made by the prior Council about the prior proposal were a large contributor to its failure, along with not obtaining that absolutely essential Development Agreement,” said the Mayor.  “We will not repeat those mistakes.”

“This is a good beginning, but nothing is finalized yet. We a have a lot of work ahead of us as we learn more about the project in the coming weeks and work with Fairmount Properties to achieve a development that all of Seven Hills can be proud of,” said the Mayor.