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April Hall of Fame Resident of the Month

Congratulations Lillian Kovacs our April Resident of the Month! Thank you for all you do for our Community!
Lillian moved to Seven Hills 26 years ago with her husband Terry and their three children Rebecca, Angela, and James. Over the years of living in Seven Hills, Lillian has appreciated the convenience of the many facilities and resources that Seven Hills has provided, including the recreation center and related sports programs that she and her family have been involved in. Lillian has always been an active resident, working with the community to enhance the opportunities that families have.
At St. Columbkille Parish, she has been a member of the Sunday School program for nearly 30 years. During this time she dedicated her Sunday mornings to teaching, singing and crafting with children to enhance their faith. Lillian was a Girl Scout Leader for both of her daughters’ troops. For 12 years she assisted with meetings, field trips and camping events to help growing girls to find their confidence and voice in the world. Lillian also volunteered at her childrens’ school, St. Columbkille School, for 7 years in the reading program and coordinating the Holy Thursday retreat days. Lillian was also on the planning committee for the St. Columbkille Parish picnic for 10 years. She also was a parish sponsor for incoming members of St. Columbkille and the Catholic faith for nearly 30 years with the RCIA program. Lillian has also helped the parish infrastructure as a member of the Parish Council as well as the Women’s Retreats.
Lillian’s children played on the softball and baseball leagues for Seven Hills Baseball Federation for many years. Their father Terry coached many of the teams, and Lillian worked alongside him as the scorekeeper. She kept track of the statistics as well as keeping the kids on track for who was up next. After their children had left the Seven Hills Baseball Federation, Lillian stepped in as a worker for the concession stand at Valleywood for a number of years. When the Director of Concessions position became available on the Seven Hills Baseball Federation Board, Lillian was voted in as the Directress of Concessions. She dedicated countless hours to not only finding personnel to man the stand, but also made sure that the stocks were kept up to date and everything was properly opened and closed after each game day. After working with the Federation for over 10 years in many different capacities, she stepped down from her Directress position to pursue a teaching career.
Over the years as a resident of Seven Hills, Lillian has impacted countless lives in her efforts to improve the opportunities that children, families, and other community members have to enjoy.