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March Hall of Fame Resident of the Month


Congratulations to the 2022 March Resident of the Month - Graham Stec!

Graham Stec was born in Seattle, Washington, but just before his second birthday, moved with his parents to Granger Township just east of Medina.

Though he began in the local Highland school district, he was fortunate to attend Old Trail School in Bath where he learned people came in all colors, religions and socio-economic  genres. Diversity was his education. His latest diversity training has come in the form of neuro-diversity. Graham and his fiancée, Grace Ferut, live in a modest house in a subdivision off Rockside Road. They often share their home with their cousin who is on the ASD spectrum,  providing overnights and  role models closer in age.

Graham has a facile mind for how things work, rendering most machinery into adult toys. That coupled with some formal electrical training, his chosen vocation is General Contractor leading to co-owning a small business with a long time friend, We-Do LLC.

This winter, with the kindness and love he holds for others, Graham went out and snow plowed numerous driveways and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood (10+)! He took this action on multiple occasions. Graham always puts others first  and will never expect anything in return! He will always go above and beyond, assisting in what he considers to be 'small ways'.