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Meals On Wheels


Tony Terry


In case of emergency and coordinator is not available please contact Parma Hospital at 440-743-2150.

The City of Seven Hills in cooperation with Parma Community General Hospital offers its residents a home delivered meal service. This program is vital in our community for those people who are unable, due to diminished motor skills or permanent or temporary physical disability to procure and/or prepare their own meals. This program serves two essential functions:
  1. Home delivered meals, and
  2. Daily contact with the resident on the program


Meals on Wheels are generally delivered between the hours of 8:45AM and 10:00AM Monday through Friday all year around (including holidays). Weekends are not included. There will be no special exceptions made for splitting up the days of the week. Typically delivery will start on a Monday and end on a Friday unless an emergency situation occurs.


Two couples split up the deliveries as one delivers 3 days and the other 2. These selfless couples are experienced with The City of Seven Hills and are willing to accommodate special requests as it pertains to the delivery of the Meals on Wheels.


At this time the price of the meals is $42.50 per week, per person and is determined by Parma Community General Hospital. It is preferred that the residents pay in cash. The collection will take place on Mondays for the following week of deliveries. Arrangement may be made with the Meals on Wheels coordinator to mail in payment and may include prepayment for up to 2 months of deliveries. If writing a check, please be sure to address it to "The City of Seven Hills".


The meals are prepared at Parma Community General Hospital. The meals consist of a cold lunch item as well as a re-heat dinner item. In addition there is typically bread and butter, a fruit, a dessert, juice and milk. There is no specific menu. If there are special requests due to an item that is not preferred or a substitution please contact the Meals on Wheels coordinator. Special instructions should be followed as it pertains to dietary restrictions. If there is a mistake made please contact the Meals on Wheels Coordinator.

Meals on Wheels Extra Help:

Seven Hills Meals on Wheels is a 5 day per week delivery with meals for lunch and dinner included. Because this is not complete weekly coverage for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week, the City of Seven Hills offers a food pantry that participants can request items for breakfast of for the weekends.

To secure food pantry items, please call coordinator Tony Terry to discuss items to best nutrition needs at 216-525-6230.

Extra help offered on a case by case basis and is available while supplies last.