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Hemlock Creek Grant


In mid-September, the City Engineer told me he had found a possible source for more grant money for the Hemlock Creek Sanitary sewer project. The total available under this grant to all communities who applied was $5 Million. I instructed him to immediately begin working on an application and we informed Council of the possibility. Last night, we happily informed Council that the grant application was a success!

He did a stellar job in obtaining a new grant of $1.09 Million (about 20% of the available new grant funding) for the Hemlock Creek project. You may recall that Seven Hills is under an EPA mandate to convert septic systems to sanitary. The Hemlock Creek project is the largest remaining portion of that work, to include 305 homes at around $8.5 Million total cost.

We had previously obtained a grant of $2.4 Million. That was only after we successfully appealed an original denial of that grant and received a reconsideration. Now, this additional new award brings the total grant package to just under $3.5 Million.

Since the cost of most of this sewer project will be assessed, these grants will substantially reduce the overall cost for our residents. At this time work is scheduled to commence in late 2017, after we go to bid and complete the sewer equalization process.

It is very gratifying to bring this result to our residents. Many thanks to City Engineer Dan Collins for his work on this, as well as our prior engineer who obtained the first grant.

Richard Dell'Aquila Mayor, Seven Hills, Ohio