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Non-Emergency: (216) 524-3321
Fire Chief James Meklemburg Jr.


The Seven Hills Fire Department is accepting applications.
Please download the application HERE. You can find the new hire requirements for firefighters and paramedics HERE.
Return to the Fire Department at 7195 Broadview Road Seven Hills, OH 44131

Metro Health Excellence Award

Seven Hills Swears in Three New Fire Fighters

New Fire Fighters
(Pictured above (Left to Right) Seven Hills Fire Chief Mike McConville,
New Fire Fighters, Michael Tusai, Michael Santora, Ryan M. Watson,
with Seven Hills Mayor Richard Dell'Aquila)

February 13, 2015 - The City of Seven Hills is proud to announce the swearing in of three new fire- fighters at a ceremony conducted at the city's fire station today. The new personnel will bring the fire department closer back to full staffing after a few retirements.

During the ceremony, Mayor Dell'Aquila referred to the family feeling that exists in the fire department and within the community at large for its firefighters. He reminded everyone of how thankful the city is for those who serve and have served, while sharing of his personal remembrances of the department  over the past 50 years.

These new firefighters will allow the city to continue providing its highly regarded EMS coverage while maintaining sufficient staffing on duty for at least two contemporaneous squad runs. Family and friends in attendance participated in a small reception after the Mayor administered the oaths of office.

Mayor Dell'Aquila said, "We welcome these three new firefighters to our Seven Hills family and look forward to many years of service from them, while we also remember those who have left and thank them for all they have built for the City of Seven Hills."

Seven Hills Fire Department has an ISO Rating of 4

About the Department

Fire StationThe first equipment of the Seven Hills Fire Department was a horse-drawn cart. It was a wide wagon with a hose wrapped around it in a barn on a farm. When the mayor, council, and citizens realized more adequate fire protection was needed, the mayor appointed a committee in April 1928 to enter into contracts with neighboring villages for assistance.

In 1928, the council recommended the purchase of a light chassis Ford Truck that would have room for the hose and large chemical tanks. The Fire Department of Seven Hills was established in August of 1943. The department consisted of fifteen men under the leadership of Chief Lewis Doering. When Chief Doering moved from the area several months later, Carl Detzel was named Chief. The equipment was a 1929 Model A Ford with a box on the back to hold a hose, broom, and a couple of extinguishers.

In 1945, A bond issue for $6,000 was approved by the voters to purchase a more modern fire truck. In September of that year, a Ford truck equipped with a 500-gallon per minute pumper was delivered to the station.

In 1953, the Seven Hills Fireman's Association presented a Cadillac ambulance to the Village. In 1956, a new Dodge Power Wagon was purchased and the 1946 Chevrolet was retired. The voters approved the bond issue in 1960 to build a new fire station for the further expansion of the department at its present location 7195 Broadview Road in Seven Hills.

Chief Ray Spies, Chief Buck Tesar and Chief Joe Kish would each lead the Seven Hills Fire Department as Fire Chief as the department and the city continued to grow.

In 1964 a new Seagrave Fire Engine was purchased, and in 1968 a new Sutphen Fire Engine was purchased providing for two modern Fire Engines to protect the residence of the city.

In January 1975 Larry Masek was sworn in as the new Fire Chief. He led the Department for the next several years.

Stanley Chalmers was appointed to Fire Chief after Chief Masek stepped down.

In May of 1980 A. Charles Hosta was appointed Fire Chief. He would go on to lead the department for almost the next 30 years. Over the next three decades Chief Hosta continued to work with the city in providing the department and the residence of the city with the latest state of the art equipment.

In 1985 one of the biggest advancements in the history of the Seven Hills Fire Department occurred when its Emergency Medical Service expanded to include Paramedic Service. Captain Scott Zamiska was the very first functioning Paramedic in the Seven Hills Fire Department.

In 1998 the Seven Hills Fire Station, with the approval of the residents, went through a one million dollar expansion/renovation. This provided for a new state of the art facility that would allow for a larger apparatus area, better training facility, more office space, a dormitory and other NFPA complaint requirements.

With the emergency calls on the rise in a predominately residential community, there was a need to improve emergency response services to the residence of Seven Hills. Some type of station coverage was looked into while exploring a cost/benefit analyses.

August 1, 1998 was the first time in history of the Fire Department that members were on duty for station staffing; Firefighter Thozeski & Firefighter McConville worked the first 10 hours shifts.

Over the next eight years the Fire Department's staffing hours grew and eventually had around the clock coverage every day of the year. As the emergency runs continued to increase, there was a need to increase the manning at the Fire Department.

On May 2, 2006, only one day after a deadly house fire in Seven Hills, the residents of the city approved Issue #36 which provided funding for the manning of five men on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On January 1, 2007 the Seven Hills Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Charles Hosta, began its current staffing levels of five men. This allows for the Seven Hills Fire Department to handle two simultaneous Rescue Squad Calls or One Fire Call with the appropriate staffing levels.

On March 31, 2009 Chief A. Charles Hosta retired nearly 30 years of service as Fire Chief. On April 1, 2009 Assistant Chief Robert Zaucha was named as Interim Fire Chief and ran the department for the next five months while the first ever Civil Service Test was being conducted for the position of Fire Chief. Lieutenant Michael McConville passed all aspects of the promotional exam and was sworn in as Fire Chief on September 14, 2009.

Fire Chief Michael McConville continues to lead the Seven Hills Fire Department located at 7195 Broadview Road. The Seven Hills Fire department operates two Advanced Life Support Rescue Squads, two Fully Equipped Fire Engines, and one Utility Vehicle. Chief McConville's staff includes 1 Assistant Chief, 2 Captains, 5 Lieutenants, and 26 Firefighters.

Fire Department

When to Call 911 for Police

Calling 911 is appropriate when:
What Happens When 911 is Called:
Reporting Emergencies To Police
Callers should remain calm and give information slowly. All calls, emergency or not, are answered by the same operators. Callers are asked to report:
Callers are asked to remain on the telephone to assist the dispatcher as much as possible. The more information given to the police, the better the emergency can be served. Safety is key and the caller and his/her family should stay out of harm's way. After the incident is reported, it is a good idea for the caller to write down everything that happened, as they may be contacted for additional information.

Before the Ambulance Arrives

The Seven Hills Fire Department Mission Statement

Our purpose is to save lives, protect property, and to educate the public.


Our vision is to advance the mission of the Seven Hills Fire Department through continuous improvement and dedication to our community, and to seek advances through training and education.



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