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Engineering Department

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Contact Information

Richard L. Bowen + Associates, Inc
Richard L Bowen & Associates Inc.

Phone: (216) 525-6277

Daniel J. Collins, P.E., City Engineer  - Email:

Mark A. Schmitzer, P.E., Assistant City Engineer - Email: 

Broadrock Court - Maintenance Traffic Plan - June 15, 2018

Broadrock Court Sanitary Relief Sewer Connection - June 15, 2018

Pleasant Valley Road Resurfacing Letter - June 2018

Calvin Park – Baseball Field Drainage Improvements, July 20, 2018

Mayor Dell’Aquila, Council President Tony Biasiotta, Councilman At-Large Patrick Elliot, and Members of City Council, in collaboration with Richard L. Bowen + Associates, Inc., are excited to announce the Engineering Design to improve the drainage conditions of the three (3) Calvin Park Baseball Fields.

At this point, the Improvement Plans are at a preliminary stage, but soon will be finalized and initial construction of the improvements will be commencing this year. 

Please click on the link to view the Preliminary Calvin Park Drainage Improvement Plans that are considered a “work-in-progress”.

About The Department

The Engineering Department has several main functions: Road Construction Road Construction

Flood Insurance Information