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Contractor Coalition

The Seven Hills Senior Contractor Coalition Program is designed to help the Senior Citizen residents of Seven Hills to locate reliable, responsible professionals who are sympathetic to the difficulties that seniors often encounter; physical, mental or financial limitations.

The Senior Coordinator's office will maintain a list of contractors who are willing to give special consideration to the senior residents of Seven Hills. The list will be distributed upon request. This list is NOT a list of recommended contractors or companies, rather a list of choices to consider. There will be NO discrimination of contractors. All contractors are welcome to apply for addition to the list. Although, Senior Coordinator has complete control and final determination as it pertains to removing contractors from list for unfavorable feedback from senior customers and/or out of line pricing.

Any contractor who wishes to be on the Senior Contractor Coalition must be added by Senior Coordinator after a brief interview. There are no specific price guidelines for services to be included on the list. Each contractor will determine their own prices. It is the intent of the Senior Coordinator and the Administration to add contractors who are willing to give a senior discount for their services.

Residents who request the list will be encouraged to get quotes from at least 2 participating contractors to compare pricing. A brief survey form will be given to residents who request the list of contractors to be filled out upon completion of the job. Unfavorable marks will be examined and a determination will be made if specific contractor will remain on the list. A copy of the survey can be viewed in this section. All contractors interested in being added to the list must be registered with The City of Seven Hills Building Department.

Residents may obtain a copy of the entire list or specific sections by calling Mayor's Office at 216-525-6230 or by printing it off the Seven Hills website.