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City Officials

The City of Seven Hills has a strong Mayor and Council form of government. The Mayor of Seven Hills serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the city. The Mayor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city and sets the vision for the community. The Mayor is the sole hiring/firing authority for the city, responsible for all appointments, and responsible for signing all contracts. The Mayor serves a four-year term and current Mayor Anthony D. Biasiotta's term runs until December of 2023. 

City Council is responsible for the approval of all purchases. They serve as the keeper of the city's finances. There are seven council members. Four wards in the city each have an individual council person and then there are also three at-large council members that service the entire city. Both the Mayor and all seven council members can introduce legislation. Council members serve a two-year term and the next elections will be 2021.

City Council has many committees chaired by each council member including:

Click here for the full Council Committee Designations

Residents are welcome to attend any council committee meeting, any council caucus meeting, or the official Council meeting. If a resident has a problem, they are encouraged to contact a councilmember first before they attend a meeting so the council member can research the problem in advance. 

 Key Staff serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. These consist of mostly executive level department heads - the Mayor's "cabinet" if you will. This roster of officials is very impressive with many holding advanced degrees or special certifications that are required by law. Several appointed department heads have experience working previously for the city as a council member or for other communities.