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Building Department

Contact Information 

Building Department

7325 Summitview Drive

Seven Hills, OH 44131


216-525-6283 (f)

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Summary of the Seven Hills Minimum Maintenance Program

It is important to our community that we maintain certain standards to assure that the exterior areas of each property are maintained in good repair and in a sanitary condition. This means, generally, that every structure or accessory structure, including fences, etc., must be kept in good repair and be free from deteriorated conditions or inadequate maintenance. This includes, by way of example only, the following:


  1. Lawns, hedges, and bushes shall not become overgrown.


  1. Accessory structures must be structurally sound and in good repair.


  1. Driveways and walkways must be properly maintained.


  1. Motor vehicles parked outdoors must be in operable condition with a current license plate registration. Vehicles must be parked on driveways and not left on the grass for extended periods of time.


  1. Junk, debris, garbage, trash, litter and other similar items, shall not be allowed to accumulate on a property.


This is not a complete list of requirements. For more details, please contact the Building Department at (216) 524-4427, or Maintenance complaint forms are also available on the city website.


            Among other responsibilities, the Seven Hills Building Department is charged with the duty of enforcing the city’s minimum maintenance ordinances. This function is important to protecting the safety and quality of our neighborhoods, as well as our property values.

            At times, after a complaint is received, or an inspection is made, a ten-day Courtesy Notice will be mailed notifying the owner of record to correct a violation and to call the city for an inspection. The notice goes on to explain the possible legal ramifications under the city ordinances.

            In those cases where the owner contacts the Building Department, the practice has been to extend additional time to remedy the violation where the owner is moving forward with corrective action. Where the violation is not corrected and there has been no contact with the Building Department, a citation to appear in court may be issued.

            The city’s goal is to seek compliance where a violation occurs but to also work with our property owners on a case by case basis where warranted. The hope is that all property owners understand the importance of maintaining the quality of our housing stock and the necessity of enforcing our maintenance ordinances.

About The Department

The Building Department is certified by the State of Ohio to enforce building codes and ordinances pertaining to construction or renovation of the interior or exterior of all commercial or residential structures in the city. Since May 2007 residential building departments are also regulated by the Ohio Board of Building Standards. The residential codes are now adopted from a model code agency and written by professionals with a vast and diverse collection of knowledge from all facets of construction, enforcement, and fire service. This action has caused building codes to be standardized throughout the state. This consistency is a benefit to those contractors who work in more than one city as well as residents who share in a wider experience base.

Building Department Inspectors are trained and certified to inspect all phases of construction to determine if installations comply with the approved plans and the building and zoning codes. These professionals are working for the benefit of all to promote public safety, reduce casualty loss, control insurance costs, and maintain property values by ensuring minimum construction and maintenance standards for all structures in the City.

While they are unable to stand watch on each and every project throughout the construction period, these inspections manage the risk and promote a confidence that homes and businesses are safe and sanitary for occupants.

Other responsibilities of the Building Department include response to property complaints and annual exterior property maintenance inspections. Inspectors respond to complaints received and determine if a violation exists. The Building Department is willing to work with residents who have a willingness to have the violations corrected in a timely manner.

The Building Department is also working closely with the City Engineer to abate the sanitary sewer cross connections. These violations cause problems with overloaded sewers and basement flooding. In the extreme cases raw sewage has been diverted directly to creeks and streams. Each year approximately seven miles of sewer is tested. When a violation is identified, the property owner is given a notice that the violation must be corrected and retested.

The Building Department also issues permits for purposes or activities other than construction. Other permits would include the permits for garage sales and vehicle sales.

The Building Department is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous manner providing the residents and contractors with prompt and impartial service. We recognize our partnership with you toward that end.

Common projects that require permits in the city include: Decks, Sheds, Fences, Reroofs, Siding, Concrete work, and most major landscaping. Please call us if you have questions regarding your proposed project.

We can accept cash, checks, debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard for payments. Because of this ability some permits can be issued without physically coming to city hall.

Rezoning Flow Chart

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In response to a resident request, the Mayor asked City Planning and Building, with guidance from the Law Department, to prepare the following flow chart summarizing the city's general re-zoning process. Further and more detailed information is available in the city charter and ordinances.