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About the Seven Hills Police Department


The Police Department was founded in 1927. At that time it was a one-man force. The man was known as the town Marshal, and from 1927 until 1940, the man in that position received $25.00 a year for his services. As the department grew, the police chief served as road foreman, and custodian of the Town Hall.

The department grew along with the Village of Seven Hills. More policemen were hired, and more equipment was purchased. The first official police vehicle was purchased in 1930. In 1937, the Village built its first jail, and in 1939, it purchased its first motorcycle. The first police radio was installed in 1941. In 1954, the Village had 24-hour protection. Two police cars were in operation as of 1956.

In 1961, when Seven Hills became a city, the police department consisted of 1 chief, 1 sergeant, 4 patrolmen, 1 part-time policewoman, and 3 part-time policemen. In addition to the full-time department, an auxiliary department, consisting of 20 volunteer officers, assisted full-time officers with traffic, parades, special events, and other assignments.

Our Mission

The Seven Hills Police Department shall provide the highest quality of service, preserving human rights, lives and property, while striving to achieve the goals of the department, the city, and the community. We are committed to the highest professional standards, working in partnership with our citizens to problem solve and meet the challenges of reducing crime, creating a safer environment, and improving our quality of life.


Chief of Police
The Chief of Police is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all activities of the Police Department. Chief Michael Salloum leads the Seven Hills Police Department and he is responsible for 1 Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 11 Patrol Officers, and 2 civilian personnel. 

Uniform Patrol 
The Uniform Patrol Division is the first responding entity of the Seven Hills Police Department and patrols 5 square miles working with the Detective Bureau to protect and serve the residents of Seven Hills. The Uniform Patrol Division consists of 4 Sergeants, 11 Patrol Officers. The Seven Hills Police Department has 2 of its full-time officers assigned to Bicycle Patrol. 

Detective Bureau 
The Detective Bureau is responsible for the overall investigation of all criminal offenses and the presentation of all felony crimes to the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. One Detective is assigned as the Juvenile Officer and works closely with the Parma City School District and parents in all juvenile cases. Cases are prioritized using solvability factors to include whether an arrest was made immediately after a criminal act, there are witnesses to identify the suspect and/or there is evidence that can be processed leading to information on a suspect. The Detective Bureau consists of 1 full-time Patrol Officer.

Marshal Harry Rose

Marshal Rose was pursuing a vehicle northbound on Broadview Road when he lost control of his vehicle. The car swerved sharply and turned over. Rose was taken to Deaconess Hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. Marshal Rose was survived by his wife, Carrie, four daughters and two sons.

End of Watch September 25, 1932.

Harry Rose's name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall, Washington, D.C. panel 17, east wall, line 6.