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2020 Hall of Fame Inductees


**UPDATE 11/12 - 

In light of the Governor’s address and out of an abundance of caution, with the understanding that the safety our honorees and guests supersedes our strong desire to honor our most deserving inductees in person, we have made the decision to postpone our reception until November 2021.

The Seven Hills Hall of Fame would like to give the inductees the recognition they deserve.  Currently the plaques are hanging in the Seven Hills Recreation Center for all to see.   

Stay well – Seven Hills Hall of Fame**

The Seven Hills Hall of Fame is honored to announce "Suede" Stephen Whitney Baum, George Sipl, Alexander Pogrebinsky, and Barbara Stanczak as our new inductees into the Seven Hills Hall of Fame, housed at the Seven Hills Recreation Center. They will be added to our impressive past recipients. Our Induction Ceremony is on November 14th from 2:00 - 5:00pm, with very limited seating due to these unprecedented times.  Our ceremony will be on YouTube (a link will be provided after the Ceremony) and aired on Cox Cable Channel 45 at a later date. These four Individuals have achieved an impressive amount in their lifetimes and in their fields of endeavor.  I encourage you to read about them on our website at  We have talented residents in Seven Hills! 

Due to the restrictions our Future Hall of Famers will not be making an appearance at our Induction Ceremony- we look forward to reinstating the program at a future time.

Although Seven Hills Hall of Fame is not politically affiliated we would like to thank our Seven Hills Mayor and Council for their recognition of our Seven Hills Hall of Fame Resident of the Month. Resident of the Month recognizes a Resident who has gone above and beyond in Community service and/or in another area. If you would like to nominate a Resident please email  

The Seven Hills Hall of Fame would like to congratulate our first recipient of The George Chandick Scholarship:  John Niezgoda.




2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

'Suede' aka Stephen Whitney Baum is an independent American fashion designer, artist, celebrity, and realtor who was born and raised in Seven Hills, Ohio. You remember him from the fifth season of, “Project Runway” on Bravo, and the second season of, “Project Runway: All-Stars” on Lifetime TV. This Seven Hills native and current resident, is a graduate of both Normandy High School, and The Fashion School at Kent State University. He is the creator of the SUEDEsays™ Brand, and SUEDEsays™ Properties. 'Suede' premiered an evening wear collection at the Cleveland Center of Contemporary Art shortly after his graduation from KSU. He went on to launch well-known brands such as Rocawear Girls, Fubu Ladies, Lee 1889, Jordache Vintage, Polo Jeans Company, Todd Oldham Jeans to mention a few.

Prior to being inducted into the Kent State University Fashion Hall of Fame in 2009, he established the SUEDEsays™ Critics Award Scholarship 2001 endowed to his alma mater at Kent State University's Fashion School. This award provides a cash scholarship to a senior design student annually to help them fulfill their dreams.

You can catch re-runs of Project Runway Season 5, and Project Runway All*Stars Season 2, as well as a special Cleveland PBS segment with host Dee Perry on the “Applause,” show. Jimmy Kimmel has even spoofed on 'Suede' for his penchant of speaking in third person.

The SUEDEsays™ brand was licensed in the crafting section of your favorite crafting stores all over the US and boasted distribution in over 4,000 retails stores in the United States. 'Suede' returned to Seven Hills to care for his mother who suffered from Parkinson's Disease. 'Suede' currently serves on the Fashion Advisory Board of Kent State University, oversees the SUEDEsays™ Critics Award, and is an independent real estate agent with the world renown Keller Williams Elevate. To stay current on all things 'Suede' visit



Alexander Pogrebinsky is a Ukrainian-born American painter who was the creator of the School of philosophical realism and is known for his portraits. The Seven Hills resident studied at the Kiev State Institute of Fine Arts and earned a Ph.D in Fine Art from The Academy of Fine Art of the U.S.S.R.. In the Soviet Union Pogrebinsky's works appeared on magazine covers, posters, and in national and international exhibitions. However, he refused to join the Communist Party and in 1990, with his wife, and their two children, he used a travel visa to Paris to escape the Soviet Union. After traveling through Europe, the family arrived in New York City in January 1991, where they were granted political asylum by the U.S. Government.

As soon as Alexander arrived in the United States, he began exhibiting and painting. In the 1990s, he worked largely in oils and watercolors. He has painted the portraits of many religious leaders in the United States, and has taught Art and Painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art and John Carroll University. As in the USSR, Pogrebinsky received many commissions, and became increasingly known for his realistic portraits. Notable among his personal works of this period is the triptych "Moon, Earth, Sun." A whole series of rose paintings appeared in 1998 and continues to the present day. These are some of his most successful and recognizable works.

Since immigrating to the United States, Alexander has shown his work across the country and around the world. In 2008, Pogrebinsky's work was displayed at the Ukrainian Embassy to the United States, in Washington D.C.



Barbara Stanczak's Artist Statement found on her website reads: "I take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. My sculptures are an expression of gratitude, a search for parallel, tangible, formal experiences that can be shared with others.

I use mainly nature-made materials, materials that have the history of the earth and the story of their lifecycle imprinted in its veins and textures. These guide me to reveal their secrets through evocative form choices and the elimination of the unessential material for the sake of the essential spirit. I attempt to wed the material's nature to an idea, filtering it through my temperament and vision of totality.

I sculpt light and emptiness. Whenever possible, I penetrate a rock or tree trunk. Not to subdue it, but to open it up. Open for eyes to walk through, traverse, wonder, imagine, remember, touch... and understand."




George Sipl is a multi-talented individual. He is a long time Rock musician, audio engineer, and jingle writer. He is also currently self-employed in Middleburg Hts. as a keyboardist, artist, and professional voice actor.

The Seven Hills native and graduate of St. Ignatius High School and Cleveland State University, has earned three Emmy Awards, two Gold records, one Platinum record, and a Cannes Multi Media award. His many credits include the Eric Carmen hits, “All By Myself,” and “Hungry Eyes,” from the “Dirty Dancing,” soundtrack. George has also been a part of many musical groups such as SRO, Magic, the Eric Carmen Band, Euclid Beach Band, Breathless, American Noise, Buzz Band, Northern Lights, Monica Robbins and the Whiskey Kings, M&P Jam Band, and Those Guys.

George is credited with instruments and performance with Cletus Black, production work with The Killers, Valiant, The Invisible Man, Exotic Birds, and Separate Checks, technical work with Brian Sands, Flatbush, Windwards, Copperfield, Fayrewether, Peter Laughner, Unknown Stranger, and Sacred Few, and engineer credits with Gary Grimes and Beau Coup. Among the many jingles George has written are the well known, 1-800-General-Now, and the I-X Indoor Amusement Park commercials. He also creates photographic artwork in the form of canvas prints, framed prints, tapestries, posters, and greeting cards.